Although putting together freelance articles is my main job, it isn’t my only experience with the written word.


Since high school a huge passtime of mine has been writing lyrics. While it began with poetry, this eventually evolved into what I’ve been doing for over 20 years now. The reason I differentiate the two is pretty simple: I generally have a melody in mind when creating what I do. As you’ll read on these pages, the lyrics are also structured in a way that veers more towards songwriting.


Beyond that, I try grouping lyrics together and creating a concept that flows throughout. Sometimes I’m more successful than others, but that’s still the goal generally. With no real musical talent however, I can’t translate these into fully fleshed out music. Instead, I’m left to fantasize about the fame and fortune these ideas could’ve created. Oh well… as some wise people once sang, “action is his reward.”


Almost everything here has been spruced up over the years (some more than others.) I’ve sorted it all out into main groupings of lyrics and leftovers. The latter is a small sampling of what got left off the former. If you want more of both though, be sure to visit the Fireteddy National Library. (Fireteddy was the name I used online to share my lyrics when I was in high school, by the way.)


Main Groupings



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Leftover Lyrics



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