I’m Alive-ish

Yes, I’m still alive in a very literal sense.   Full disclosure: I haven’t been using my brain energy very constructively. Besides spending a disturbing amount of time writing (and editing) my feedback for a Marvel Cinematic Universe podcast, I’ve done almost nothing since November. While originally thinking it was just laziness, I’m now pretty … Read more

Strange Progress

So there have been a few developments since my last post.   A couple of weeks ago, I came up with three separate lyric snippets. None of them have really been developed into a fully fleshed out thing I can add to a grouping, but they all show some promise. Working titles for the three … Read more

Back In The Black

How many variations can I make on the phrase “back in black?” I think we’ll soon find out!   Been working up a new idea with Black Squirrel over the past couple of days. In working on the lyrics earlier this week, I came up with a different verse melody that I’m now attempting to … Read more

Back In Black

After working on Stranger Days so much recently, I was happy to explore a new idea tonight.   Came up with a random couple of lines this evening. Upon hashing them out a bit in my head, I also tried Frankensteining them with Black Squirrel’s chorus and pre-choruses. For those who are unaware, Black Squirrel … Read more

Still Strange After All These Days

Another (strange) day, another approach on Stranger Days itself.   Decided to tackle Stranger Days while I found myself with some spare time tonight. Reconstructed the first part of the bridge so it would pack more of an emotional punch hopefully. It’s now the third official draft as a result though. I’ll let this sit … Read more

Marc’s Lyric Diary #1: Lost In Stranger Days

Today I decided to take another stab at Stranger Days.   At one point, these lyrics were tied to another thing called Our Day Will Come. When I originally conceived the idea of releasing smaller groups for each season, those lyrics tied into Stranger Days Have Come. Both had a similar pre-chorus, the same chorus … Read more

The work Continues

I’m living in cloud cuckoo land when it comes to lyrics these days.   An update since I haven’t posted in awhile. After scrapping the seasonal release format, picking it up and ultimately scrapping it again, I’m not firmly focused on creating a grouping of 10 lyrical ideas. It has no name in general but … Read more

False Starts

I’ve been tinkering with these on and off for like 13 years now.   For whatever reason, you can have such a vivid idea of what you want to portray that you lack the proper words to convey it. In those cases, you end up constantly chasing after something that never feels quite right. That’s … Read more

Restless Days Are Here Again

Restless Days Are Here Again has gone through a few iterations since it was written in 2020.   This latest version was put under the lens of that seasonal project I’m still working on. It would go in winter and has a folksy country sound to it in my mind. I’d also call this teen … Read more

Cross Quarters

I’m at a bit of a crossroads with the seasonal release thing.   On one hand, I’m really proud of what’s been finished so far. Autumn is kind of insane and the two pieces I’ve finished for winter are my most personal  about going blind. As I mentioned, this whole thing would cover that year … Read more