Another new thing here that has nothing to do with the upcoming Diurnal release on September 30.   I was doing some work on the seasonal release concept this morning and just finished this. Initially in contention for autumn, it really doesn’t fit the theme I’m going for now. Still, the overall vibe and writing … Read more

Birthday Candles

Awhile back, I talked about a group that would focus specifically on winter 2001.   While I hadn’t committed to it fully, Weezer had also inspired exploring a seasonal release of mini lyrical groupings. Although their SZNZ EPs have featured seven songs on the first day of every season, mine would consist of five pieces … Read more

Jig Is Up

I’ve been working on some random stuff here and there and this is one of those things. I actually have a full group of lyrics finished and ready to go, so I’m hoping to release them next month too. More news on that soon though. For now, here’s the current version of some lyrics I … Read more