Back In The Black

How many variations can I make on the phrase “back in black?” I think we’ll soon find out!


Been working up a new idea with Black Squirrel over the past couple of days. In working on the lyrics earlier this week, I came up with a different verse melody that I’m now attempting to flesh out. I’m not convinced this is the right move even, but some parts are good. Unsure if it just needs better lyrics or an entirely different melody instead.


Pre-choruses and choruses are exactly where I want them though. While this isn’t bad, I’m frustrated because nothing I come up with for the verses seems to be as good or fit right. It’s the same problem I ran into when scrapping the entire thing before so we’ll see what happens I guess.


Maybe it’s time to get an outside perspective though. I’m starting to get a bit lost in the weeds on this one.


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