Strange Progress

So there have been a few developments since my last post.


A couple of weeks ago, I came up with three separate lyric snippets. None of them have really been developed into a fully fleshed out thing I can add to a grouping, but they all show some promise. Working titles for the three are Can’t Stop, Every Yesterday and Weather respectively. There’s also something else called Embrace The Day. (I’m less enthused about that snippet so ┬áit’s since fallen by the way side.)


Beyond that, I took some weak stabs at the first new version of Black Squirrel… or maybe it was the second, it’s hard to keep track sometimes. I’m not really sure it’s headed in the right direction at this point so we’ll see what happens. It feels like I’m running in circles with this one again so it might get scrapped like before. It’s just been really hard to find a verse melody and content that meshes well with the pre-choruses and chorus. I’m even second guessing a line in the chorus now as well.


Last (and certainly not least though,) I got back to Stranger Days yesterday and today. I have to sit on it a bit, but there’s now a fully fleshed out bridge. I extended the end a bit, so hopefully it works. The bridge covers some ideas I’ve had recently and it just sort of crystallized today. If it isn’t finished, I think it’ll only take some minor tweaks to get the whole thing where it needs to be.


Once Stranger Days is done, I really want to do something with Weather. It’s my favourite little snippet and I have an idea of where to take it next. If that’s successful, I also know exactly where to place it in the next grouping.


Looks like everything’s starting to come up Millhouse! (See you in the car.)


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