Back In Black

After working on Stranger Days so much recently, I was happy to explore a new idea tonight.


Came up with a random couple of lines this evening. Upon hashing them out a bit in my head, I also tried Frankensteining them with Black Squirrel’s chorus and pre-choruses. For those who are unaware, Black Squirrel is something I worked on extensively when approaching these lyrics as a seasonal thing. I had a finished version (or at least a fully finished draft) even. After deciding to consolidate everything into one group of lyrics however, it ultimately didn’t fit.


Fast forwarding to tonight, I think this new verse melody gives the whole thing more life. It’s a bit brighter and less folky/melancholic, so I like that in the context of this group. Still, it’s early days and I need to write another verse-and-a-half along with a bridge maybe? Both pre-choruses have been changed a bit too so I’ll need to sit on them and decide if those changes work in the long-term.


Hopefully I’ve found a new way into this one though. I really love the chorus and was disappointed to give it up until now.


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