The work Continues

I’m living in cloud cuckoo land when it comes to lyrics these days.


An update since I haven’t posted in awhile. After scrapping the seasonal release format, picking it up and ultimately scrapping it again, I’m not firmly focused on creating a grouping of 10 lyrical ideas. It has no name in general but the goal is to just create something solid and concise: I ultimately killed the seasonal thing because it felt like I had some stuff that was absolutely fantastic and then other filler to (forcibly) flesh out the story I wanted to tell. It made for a frustrating set of things that were inconsistent, compromising the project overall.


So now I’ve consolidated the best parts and trimmed the fat. On the plus side, it should create some interesting content for the library. I currently have seven out of 10 things I want to create, but work is still ongoing. In some cases only minor tweaks are needed while extensive rewriting is required with others. It’s all coming together really well so far though.


As of right now, here are the titles being considered:


Birthday Candles

Dreaming Of Foxes

Embrace The Day

Every Night Is An Adventure

False Starts

It Fades At Night

Slipped Through My Fingers

State Of Mind

Stranger Days/Stranger Days Have Come

Until It’s Finally Replace


I’ll be back with more updates soon!

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