Still Strange After All These Days

Another (strange) day, another approach on Stranger Days itself.


Decided to tackle Stranger Days while I found myself with some spare time tonight. Reconstructed the first part of the bridge so it would pack more of an emotional punch hopefully. It’s now the third official draft as a result though. I’ll let this sit overnight at least and decide if I still like it from there. If so, I work from the third draft moving forward and if not, I build out from the second draft again.¬†Honestly hoping it’s a case of the former since some forward momentum would be nice.


I took another pass at the second verse yesterday and think it’s in a good place. I’m just terrified of the bridge/outro because I’m not sure how many ideas I have left for that last part… do I just find a way to eliminate that section?


Hmmm… hadn’t considered that until ¬†now.


Anyway, a storm might be coming. Might try looking at False Starts but I think that’s mostly a wrap for today.


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