Jig Is Up

I’ve been working on some random stuff here and there and this is one of those things. I actually have a full group of lyrics finished and ready to go, so I’m hoping to release them next month too. More news on that soon though. For now, here’s the current version of some lyrics I … Read more

Here Comes The Rapture

Waking from a daydream Nothing happens life’s never what it seems Some more retractions Only trying to be redeemed We’re always snapping   Waking in a cold sweat Doesn’t matter, everybody fears regret It leaves us captured Nothing much is changing yet Here comes the rapture   It’s hanging low in the air It’s hanging … Read more

Storyteller Sunday #4: Take Care

Storyteller Sunday is a weekly post that details the creation of specific lyrics I’ve written over the years.   This week’s entry is from Hard Fought Defeat and was written soon after my dad’s passing. While most of that 2015 grouping is about dealing with the loss, Take Care tackles many specific moments.   Inspired … Read more


Everyone turns feral in time I’m fraying at the edges Nothing’s ever simple in our minds Apart from consequences   Trying to remember a place But now I feel so anxious Struggling with the fact we can’t relate Our arguments seem endless   We’re horrible people, we live horrible lives We say horrible things and … Read more

Storyteller Sunday #2: Regardless

(Editor’s note: the following entry was revised on December 14, 2021)   Storyteller Sunday is a weekly post that details the creation of specific lyrics I’ve written over the years.   Regardless was the first thing I wrote after going blind. hospitalized for most of autumn 2001, I didn’t get home for good until December. … Read more

Now Available: Between The Night And Day

If you’re looking for some new lyrics to read, boy have I got you covered!   Showing that I am really not good at this whole promoting my own website thing, Between The Night And Day was added to the lyrics section yesterday morning! Of course, I did nothing to indicate this and so now … Read more

Echoes From The Past

On Friday December 3, I’ll be launching a brand new group of lyrics on the site.   Written over the past year, Between The Night And Day is made up of 13 new titles. The grouping focuses on confronting the past, how time reshapes perceptions of it and where that ultimately leads us. It also … Read more