Bloodhounds Era Lyrics Now Available In Fireteddy National Library

It’s time for another pinned post, so you know shit is getting real… again!


After much coding and testing, Bloodhounds era lyrics have finally been added to the Fireteddy National Library. This marks the biggest addition of unreleased lyrics to that section of the site, finishing off the previously unreleased content I’ve written (and still have access to) from Sleepwalking to Between The Night And Day.


So what’s next? In the coming weeks, I’ll be adding the original February 2022 edit of Diurnal and unreleased stuff from that era. While the latter is self-explanatory, the former is the original group of lyrics I’d written before working with my friend Carol to take them to the next level.


Stay tuned for all of this and more! Who knows? I might even finish some new lyrics someday!


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