2001: A Marc Odyssey

So I have some new lyrics (and hopefully a site refresh) coming in the next month or so.


Despite this, I’ve been thinking a bit about what I’d like to do next. My early thoughts have gravitated towards writing an entire group of lyrics based around and influenced by winter. In my mind, winter has a very specific sound. Maybe it’s because of past albums that were released around that time like Counting Crows’ Recovering The Satellites or Foo Fighters’ There Is Nothing Left To Lose (although the latter is associated with winter for me because I got it for Christmas in ’99.)


Anyway, in my head, winter largely revolves around piano and has complimentary instruments like acoustic guitar, steel pedal and things that make a song sound atmospheric and isolated. Almost like they represent the stark landscapes of many places during the season. Bare tree branches, little colour as the ground ¬†and many areas are covered by snow under grey skies. Even with Christmas imagery, I think of winter in terms of white lights — not that fancy multicoloured looking shit.


Anyway, this is all to say that I’ll have an aesthetic and certain vibe in mind if this is what gets pursued. I’ve started writing a few things for such a grouping and we’ll “see” where they go. Placing myself back in December of ’01, this is something I started this morning (it doesn’t really have a title yet.)


Gonna make it a year to remember

After a year that I’d like to forget

Though I can’t see a path moving forward

That only means it hasn’t happened yet


Now it’s time to envision a future

Before the darkness can settle back in

When my gears start to grind like they’re clockwork

Can’t forget all the better times ahead


Love, this love still escapes me

But in time it might save me

Given time it can grow


Caught, I’m caught in believing

n my mind I’m still dreaming

Nevermind what I know


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