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It’s been about 10 months in the making, but the time has finally arrived.


Welcome to Marc With A Mouth, the website where I’ll be showcasing my… writing skills? Okay, maybe I didn’t think the title through. Either way, this wonderful corner of the world wide web is dedicated to my artistic endeavours, general rantings and overall interests. Be sure to read this blog entry for a lay of the land. Also, keep your eyes (and ears) fixed on what gets posted beneath this pinned entry as updates will be plentiful… or pitiful. (You be the judge!)


With that out of the way, let’s begin!


I think this website is pretty self-explanatory but just a couple of things you should know:


  • The lyrics section houses stuff that I’ve written over the past 20 years and decided to polish up for this website. they are organized in groups, tied together thematically and it’s all quite nice. When writing fully formed lyrics in the future, they will go here.
  • The Fireteddy National Library is a repository for pretty much every idea I’ve ever written down. It contains unpolished versions of lyrics that appear here, side projects and various things I’ve never published anywhere. Some stuff is good and other stuff sucks so sift through it at your own risk. There’s a lot of content though and I plan on adding more. (Fun fact: I called it The Fireteddy National Library because Fireteddy is the moniker I used on the internet when I was a teenager.)


That’s pretty much it. I might mess around with some navigational elements at some point (I’m not sure about the sidebar content and where social media links should go,) but nothing will change too drastically. Anyway, hope you enjoy the show!


I don’t really know how to end this….


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