Diurnal Now Available In Lyrics Section

After weeks of anticipation, sunrise has brought a new set of lyrics to the website.   I won’t bore everyone with a long pre-amble here. Diurnal, a collection of 12 new pieces, can now be found in the lyrics section. If you want to read some information that preceded the release, the original announcement is … Read more

Sunlight Flickers

From starlit nights of burning neon to quiet rooms and county roads, Sunlight Flickers explores memories newly unearthed.   In advance of Diurnal’s release on Friday September 30, its first lyrics are some of the most vivid from the upcoming project. Mining the past for content, Sunlight Flickers’ evokes nights saturated in colour and mistakes … Read more

Sunlight Brings Release Of Diurnal on September 30

After nearly four years, a new dawn is bringing monsters once sheltered by darkness into the light.   While shadows embrace long buried truths, morning offers no such refuge. Mistakes and demons once lurking in the night must now be confronted in plain sight. Such is the conceit for Diurnal, a new group of 12 … Read more