Sunlight Brings Release Of Diurnal on September 30

After nearly four years, a new dawn is bringing monsters once sheltered by darkness into the light.


While shadows embrace long buried truths, morning offers no such refuge. Mistakes and demons once lurking in the night must now be confronted in plain sight. Such is the conceit for Diurnal, a new group of 12 lyrical pieces coming to the website on Friday, September 30.


Exploring themes from my previous two works, Nocturnal (2018) and Between The Night And Day (2021,) the project was originally planned as a follow-up to the former. Evolving several times throughout the pandemic, the end result is an introspective look at past relationships, outside interactions, social anxiety, depression, mortality and ultimately acceptance.


A sample of what to expect will come with the group’s first release: Sunlight Flickers arrives on Friday, September 23. In addition, a website redesign is also debuting in the near future.


Be sure to follow along on facebook (opens in new tab) as well. Below are the titles included on Diurnal in order of appearance.


01. Sunlight Flickers

02. Crossing The Valley

03. Communication Breaks

04. No Time To React

05. Remember

06. Heart In Your Hands

07. Sinking Feelings

08. Only In Our Minds

09. Feral

10. Last Remains

11. It Won’t Always Be This Way

12. Laneways


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