Storyteller Sunday #4: Take Care

Storyteller Sunday is a weekly post that details the creation of specific lyrics I’ve written over the years.


This week’s entry is from Hard Fought Defeat and was written soon after my dad’s passing. While most of that 2015 grouping is about dealing with the loss, Take Care tackles many specific moments.


Inspired by Counting Crows’ Possibility Days (opens in new tab,) the lyrics themselves pull from several things that happened around my father’s death. He had been fighting various undefined illnesses for about eight months beforehand and was in and out of hospital several times. In my head, this led to the term “hard fought defeat.” It’s the idea that you fight so hard for something that matters, something you’re sure you can overcome, only for it to be futile and lead to defeat in the end. We’d reached that point after my dad died in August, 2014. It’s not to say the battle was pointless or without purpose, it’s just that the result was fated to be the one we were fighting against.


Upon telling my aunt and uncle (who live out of town,) they replied back with a photo of the sunset that night as a symbol of my dad’s passing. The rest of the imagery I used is from the funeral itself: Lining up at the church before going to the cemetary, having the final prayers at his gravesite, etc.


From there, the second half is about the heartache that follows and learning to grieve. It also acknowledges that despite the pain, the memories you’re left with make everything worth it. As for the title, “take care” is the last thing my dad said to me the last time we spoke.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I have something in my eye…




Found a war to engage in and lost

Waved our flags without knowing the cost

As they line up the streets of our hard fought defeat

All repeating the sign of the cross


Dug a hole that can never be filled

Sure as the sun sets over the hill

Slowly gathered around without laughter or sound

We watch as this moment’s fulfilled

We watch as a life’s been fulfilled


Makes me question these theories I’ve had

How could something so good end up feeling so bad?

Now the words left behind linger fresh on my mind

Take care, take care, take care

Is anybody there?


I’ve got a little advice left to give

Maybe a meaningful life left to live

We all struggle for air and pretend we’re prepared

When you know, still you know


Well your heart’s gonna ache

And your heart’s gonna break

But the hardest part comes

When you know its too late


As the days turn to weeks

And the months turn to years

Then you can’t help but wonder

When that person was here


With the rear view, a clear view

And a path that will steer you

From the love that you’ve gained

Comes the pain that you’ll veer through


In the hours you wake up

To the moments you sleep

You’ll know it’s been worth it

By the memories you keep


Now those final words spoken

Linger fresh on my mind

Take care, take care

And I’ll see you in time


Take care, take care

And I’ll see you in time


Take care, take care

It comes all in good time


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