No Time To React

Using images of self-destruction and tribalism, No Time To React paintsĀ  a bleakĀ  landscape.   As a second taste of Diurnal, the following lyrics remain amongst its most blunt. With imagery such as deserted streets, storm-lit skies and glass houses, it was written in 2021. Inspired by the aftermath of Covid-19, it covers how maintaining … Read more

Sunlight Flickers

From starlit nights of burning neon to quiet rooms and county roads, Sunlight Flickers explores memories newly unearthed.   In advance of Diurnal’s release on Friday September 30, its first lyrics are some of the most vivid from the upcoming project. Mining the past for content, Sunlight Flickers’ evokes nights saturated in colour and mistakes … Read more

Echoes From The Past

On Friday December 3, I’ll be launching a brand new group of lyrics on the site.   Written over the past year, Between The Night And Day is made up of 13 new titles. The grouping focuses on confronting the past, how time reshapes perceptions of it and where that ultimately leads us. It also … Read more