Without Trace

Everytime I look around
You're a shadow next to me
I'm always playing lost and found
But it seems I can't shake free

No one here really understands
Oh well isn't that the case?
I admit that I'm not a fan
Yeah so please don't show your face

Leave without a trace
You're a joke and a disgrace

I've tried so hard to look away
But you just won't take a hint
You wonder where we went astray
But now I'm getting sick of it

Every little confrontation
Seems directly linked to you
Never ending conversations
And they're shown for all to view

I'm not tryin' to find the cure for cancer
I'm just looking for a simple answer
I just feel the need to get away from you

Maybe it's all intolerance
But I still have my self-confidence
I just feel that there's nothing left to do