Spinning Carousels

I think we're going crazy
Even though we can't get home
With drifting minds for summer time
We'll all freeze to death alone

Well I still can't seem to see it
Blinded by the driving snow
Waste our heads with words unsaid
Before mistaking where to go

Nothing really matters in the end
Burning flames extinguished, like the ones we call our friends
But if you find a light tonight beneath this carousel
Watch it spin and wish it well
Yeah watch it spin and wish it well

Where do you go when you can't escape?
Now tell me where to hide when you feel disgraced
Watching as the ice covers up my face
I'm going in hiding, staying inside today

Everything I'm missing, I can't seem to find
So tell me where you go to get some peace of mind
Waiting for the bodies that get left behind
They're nothing but recordings that we can't rewind
Nothing but recordings that we can't rewind