Each star burns out before it fades
As summer nights all drift away
Although I wonder where you've gone
I needed time but not this long

So now we're set like planets fixed
Beyond these skies, we don't exist
I've reached for you beneath the din
Of country lights as orbits spin

Why don't we ever wonder?
Why don't you ever wonder anymore?

In time these leaves fall like before
Tried walking home, stood at my door
It's hard to say, we can't admit
Our moments passed and nothing fits

So now you've had one for yourself
But every thought lies somewhere else
Mistakes I've seen through I.C.U's
My deathbed made with ghosts of you
My deathbed made with ghosts of you

Every memory left to waste
These seasons trampled unreplaced
Some cycles twist but always turn
From summer suns and leaves that burn
These summer suns and leaves that burn, it's done

No time to think, no time to run
No time to breathe, yeah now it's done