Common Ground

Talking like you're worthless
On a sunny summer day
The hills rolled down in violets
But the sky seems dark and gray

Wasted like these promises
Passed by on busy streets
With the reasons in the gutter now
And the future at your feet

Well I don't wanna make a sound
Nothing's all that simple but we've lost some common ground

Watching as the sun sets red
As the colours turn to black
Some broken roads to blur the lines
Where the street lights might react

Lovers that could never find their place
Lovers that can't live with their disgrace

Watch it come and watch it go
A flame blown out before you know
Every truth that you've been shown was wrong

Some bombs gone off like fireworks
But these cries won't make a sound
This noisy clatter's awkward
And we've lost our common ground
Oh we've lost our common ground

Well we've lost our common ground
Now we've lost our common ground